Care Innovations Launches Cloud-Based Home Health Platform

Care Innovations recently received FDA clearance to launch its newest telehealth offering, a cloud-based platform for home healthcare management that features communication tools for family caregivers.

Connect RCM (remote care management) eliminates the need for hardware, and its use can reduce the cost of remote care deployments by as much as 50% compared to device-centric solutions, according to the Intel-GE collaboration.

“This could mark the tipping point in telehealth adoption,” said Harry Wang, Director of Research at Parks Associates, in a statement. “Delivering the capabilities of telehealth and remote care management to care recipients via web browser will help healthcare organizations overcome some of the most common barriers to wide-scale adoption of telehealth across large populations, including high per-patient costs involving lengthy hardware deployments and inventory management.”


The new platform is the cloud-based patient application of Care Innovations’ Guide platform, an existing remote care management solution that has already been deployed in 42 states. When deploying a program, health plans and providers can now offer a combination of the Connect RCM client application and the current Guide home-based device to their clients, based on individual users’ tech savviness.

“With Connect RCM, we’re really turning telehealth on its head, elevating it to true population management that’s scalable to hundreds of thousands of individuals and their family caregivers,” said Louis Burns, CEO of Care Innovations. “The system’s technical framework, which we call the Connect Care Delivery Architecture, will also serve as a backbone for upcoming clinical and non-clinical solutions in development so that we can reach across today’s existing silos of care.”

With the launch of Connect RCM, Care Innovations is now offering a new cost model for all Guide platform deployments, with an enterprise annual subscription based on the number of clinicians and administrators, rather than a linear per-patient cost model.


This can enable healthcare organizations to grow their programs in a way that supports clinical efficiency and makes large-scale deployments easier and more cost-effective, says Care Innovations.

Connect RCM also allows patients receiving remote care the ability to actively include their family and friends into the care process through a secure, web-based application called Connect Caregiver. This application is currently under limited release but is being prepared for a larger commercial roll-out schedule for 2014 to the broader consumer market of family caregivers.

The telehealth management platform is expected to be commercially available to all United States health plans and providers in the early fourth quarter of 2013, with plans to expand the product to Canada and United Kingdom markets in the near future.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace

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