New Aging Tech Uses Radio Waves to Monitor Falls from Afar

Electrical engineers at the University of Utah have developed an aging in place system that can detect if a person has fallen in their home, reports Medical News Today (MNT).

The monitoring technology uses a two-level array of radio-frequency sensors placed around the perimeter of an individual’s room that can determine if someone is standing or lying down. 

When someone stands or falls inside the network of sensors, the signals being transmitted between each sensor becomes altered, thus determining the physical position of the person in the room.


Developers of the technology believe that being able to detect falls within a person’s home remotely can influence and even promote aging in place. 

“The idea of ‘aging-in-place,’ in which someone can avoid moving to a nursing home and live in their own, is growing,” said Neal Patwari, a University of Utah engineer working on the project, in the MNT article. “Ideally, the environment itself would be able to detect a fall and send an alert to a caregiver…”

The technology bears resemblance to tech developed by University of Washington researchers that utilizes Wi-Fi signals to determine if an individual has fallen, all without having to wear a device of any kind on their person.


Read the Medical News Today article.

Written by Jason Oliva