1. Thanks for sharing this, Jason. I want to know the exact number of class members. I'll have to keep myself updated with the developments of this lawsuit.

  2. Jason,
    I am an ex employee of ALC of many years and am interested to know who ends up with the biggest cut? Exactly, the ones with most stock being the board members who knew all along what was going on ,they were calling the shots.They and Laurie Bebo should be in prison for the way they operated and robbed the elderly and staff.
    One revealing example when Jack Callison became interim CEO he hired I think 2100 employees just to cover all shifts in 210/211 facilities.In that one area it shows that there was malice.Can you find out how many people were hired and fired during Laurie Bebo's reign and then tell me the board members didn't have a clue, I don't think so!