Tech Partners Work with AT&T to Reduce Readmissions Through Home Care

In an effort to reduce hospital readmissions and avoid steep penalties placed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a partnership between health technology provider Vivify Health and AirStrip, integrated with an existing AT&T platform, is working to address the problem through home health care.

The companies are working together to develop a remote care information platform that will provide real-time access to health care information that can be used to shape clinical workflows and drive timely decisions regarding care for patients within their homes.

“By supporting greater collaboration and accelerated response, we can transform home care in ways that improve patient outcomes while reducing costs,” said AirStrip CEO Alan Portela. “This partnership will combine AirStrip’s mobile healthcare leadership position that enables faster, more informed clinical intervention throughout the care continuum with Vivify’s deep knowledge of patient engagement and population health.”


The launch is timed with new reimbursement penalties hospitals are facing under CMS for readmissions that take place within 30 days of discharge—causing some to face fees as much as 1% of their reimbursement rates.

”The intuitive Vivify experience and proven care transition model, combined with our expertise in data aggregation and integration, are well aligned to support this joint patient-centered mission to impact how remote care is delivered to the home,” said Vivify CEO Eric Rock.

The technology integrates with AT&T’s mHealth Platform, with an aim toward greater accessibility across the existing technology.


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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