CCRCs Attractive to Seniors for Peace of Mind: U.S. News

Peace of mind was named as a primary motivator to move into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), residents told U.S. News: Money as part of a two-article series on retirement community living.

A group of 10 residents—four couples and a widow and widower, ranging in age from 72 to 92—talked about their retirement living experiences at Heron Point, a Maryland CCRC with 270 residents, and their motivations for moving in. 

“Regardless of their ages, peace of mind for their children and loved ones was one of the main motivators for packing up their belongings and coming here,” writes U.S. News.


The continuing care component of CCRCs appealed to many, including one couple in their early 80s who recently moved into the community. 

“Coming to Heron Point is like getting a life insurance policy for your children,” says newly arrived resident Richard Jones. 

Another resident cited family members as well. 


“We have five children,” Jim Twohy, who moved to Heron Point in 2011 with his late wife, told U.S. News. “Each of them have thanked us for moving here.”

Skill in planning for the future was a common characteristic among those interviewed. 

“The certainty of future care and the predictability of expenses meant a lot to the residents,” says the article. “Planning ahead seemed important to everyone, and knowing how to deal with future health and expense issues relieved a lot of stress.”

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Written by Alyssa Gerace