Housing Authority Turns Focus Toward Senior Care Development

A public housing authority in Texas may be shifting its focus more toward the growing needs for more senior housing. 

Some of the property currently being used as public housing for the city of Dallas would be sold off in order to fund new senior living development, if a recent proposal receives approval by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Under the proposal, the city’s housing authority would sell off a 6.18-acre complex, according to a local report. The zoning of the 28-unit property is residential, though it is located in a commercial area of the city. The proceeds of the sale would be used to fund new senior housing development. 


The Department of Housing and Urban Development will have to sign off on the sale of the property, because it receives HUD funding. The local housing authority is awaiting an answer from HUD, which it anticipates will come before year-end. 

“The development is no longer conducive for residential use,” Shirley Smith, executive director of the housing authority told Neighbor Newspapers.

Its proximity to commercial properties and two major roadways make it more conducive to commercial use, despite it being the newest of the city’s public housing complexes. 


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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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