1. It looks like there are still some in the country that are in for a shock. Why is it that some refuse to believe it until it smacks them square in the face, or in this case the pocketbook?__The strain that the baby boomers are going to have on the system, both in general health care and in senior living expenses are one of the biggest problem we are going to have to face in the next few decades. __There needs to be a better way to educate the public on planning for the future, about their living accommodations and unexpected illnesses that are sure to arise in a lot of our senior population. Especially with the Medicare cuts that are looming in the future to our senior population__The government, media, and those of us in this industry need to come together and devise a plan on how to educate and prepare people for what is certainly going to be a shock to the system.__If we don't do it now, when are we? It is in every one's best interest for us to get involved and do it.

  2. Joe you are absolutely right education is the only forum that will correct the onslaught of mis-education in America. Lets consider the fact that the senior boomers, birth dearth and baby boomer generations collectively. Each of them were systematically taught from a clothe of work hard and long for 30 years and then retire without a care in the world; health or wealth wise. This teaching only benefits the system not the people. So, to change it we must begin to teach from a different perception of education for survival of the fittest. Wisdom is supreme and above all else get understanding of life and the meaning therein, and our empowerment to be informed with financial intelligence and health wellness. Lets get it started quickly, I'm in.