Tech Companies Spotlight Senior Health Gadgets, Dementia Care & More

Technology continues to maintain a vital role in the senior care industry as more developers bring their innovative approaches inside the home and the larger community.

This edition of the Senior Care Tech Round-Up features a new mobile app that aims to alleviate the burden of searching for a senior living community, for seniors and their families. 

Also included is a personal emergency response system (PERS) that remotely records and transmits a user’s activity levels to clinicians and family members, as well as a community-wide rollout of a dementia tech program that has already reported cognitive improvement among its users. Read more:


1. Searching for a Senior Community? There’s an App for That

New LifeStyles strives to ease the search process of finding a senior living community with a new application and site compatible with various mobile devices. 

The digital guide not only allows users to flip through every page of the New LifeStyles print version, but adds fully interactive functionality to the guide by offering links to other pages and website, as well as allowing users to email pages of the guide to family and friends.


For the on-the-go senior, the iPhone app offers an updated geo-mapping system that allows users to see every senior community or health care provider nearby based on a user’s location.

Each community “pin” is color-coded to identify the community by type, such as retirement and assisted living communities, nursing, Alzheimer’s care and more.

Users have the option of tailoring searches to a specific region or a type of care, which upon finding users can then map it, call it, read a description of the services, visit its website, or even email any questions. 

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For Blackberry or Android users, New LifeStyles also offers a mobile site designed for easy searching and ordering. 

“Seniors and their adult children are more technologically advanced than ever before, so we needed to make sure we were providing different ways for our users to get information and to make that process as simple and thorough as possible,” said Bill Porter, regional account manager of New LifeStyles.

2. Emergency Response System Tracks Activity Levels

Take a small, wearable pendant that allows a senior to press in the event of an emergency, outfit it with GPS and a variety of indoor positioning technologies that can track and transmit an individual’s activity levels, and you have Amulyte. 

The GPS location technologies embedded within Amulyte allow caregivers to reach an elder person in the event of an emergency, using an accelerometer to track activity, which it then transmits the information via an online portal.

Family members can also stay connected with their loved ones miles away via the Amulyte Portal, which displays the device’s battery life as a percentage. The Portal also tells family members how much time is left before the device’s battery runs out.

Amulyte is even waterproof by design, so seniors can wear the device in slippery, high-risk areas such as bathrooms.

Using the same tech that a cellphone does, Amulyte eliminates the need for a base station, meaning no more dealing with limited range or being unprotected outside the home.

Learn more about Amulyte. 

3. Senior Living Provider Rolls Out Community-Wide Dementia Tech

Dakim Inc. announced July 31, that New Perspective Senior Living has adopted the Dakim BrainFitness System company-wide to provide daily cognitive stimulation to community residents.

New Perspective, which operates 12 Lighthouse Communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, rolled out the technology to each of its communities, as the system is specifically designed to help adults maintain their brain health and fight the threat of dementia.

Dakim BrainFitness offers a brain-training program in six cognitive domains in every session: short- and long-term memory, critical thinking, visuospatial orientation, calculation and language—all without the use of a mouse, keyboard or basic computer knowledge.

To motivate long-term usage, Dakim created more than 100 unique exercise types, as well as thousands of individual exercises, also incorporating videos, music and even a sense of humor into the lesson plans.

Dakim BrainFitness has even been recognized for its effectiveness in a recent study published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

As one of the only evidence-based brain cognition programs approved by the U.S. Administration on Aging, Dakim BrainFitness reported that all participants who completed at least forty 20-minute sessions showed measurable improvements in immediate memory, delayed memory and language skills. 

Written by Jason Oliva

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