1. Great spotlight! It's wonderful to see how communities are thinking ahead to adapt for future residents, and that effort is paying off – on, reviewers consistently rank Chelsea Senior Living and Brandywine communities 4-5 stars for their care services.

  2. This article spotlights the trend of more and more on site care. What is baffling is that most facilities don't have a designated room for care. Last week the New York Times showed residents getting dental work in the facility conference room. Facilities have designated rooms for licensed hair care. Multi care treatment rooms should be in facilities for the delivery of health care. Foot doctors and dentists use rotary instruments. The entire facility is exposed to airborne pathogens when care is rendered in conference rooms, hallways, or the hair salon. Baby boomers will not tolerate care in facilities using current methods.

  3. Nice Post! Staffing management is very important issues in all living communities and we should take right steps towards the organization plans, future residents and all other issues that meet personnel needs now and in the future. This requires collecting and analyzing data on all positions in an organization.