Brookdale National Branding Campaign Already Paying Off, Says CEO

Brookdale Senior Living (NYSE:BKD) launched a self described “game changing” national branding campaign in May and it’s already seeing a positive impact.

While the campaign is a long term initiative, recent indicators show the branding push is having a positive impact. Comparing data from 90 days prior to the launch and 90 days after, website traffic increased 26%, mobile traffic jumped 66%, and completed leads were up 11%.

The television campaign is a critical element of its long term strategy, said T. Andrew Smith, chief executive officer of Brookdale.


“Our goal is to take advantage of a very fragmented industry by leveraging our size, our geographical scale and the depth of our product offerings to establish Brookdale as the first truly national brand name in senior living,” he said during the company’s earnings call. 

To handle the increase in leads, Brookdale expanded its third party call center to qualify leads, and route the callers to local communities. In July, the call center passed along 42,000 inquiries to Brookdale communities, up 24% from May.

“Furthermore, we are piloting an internal call center staff with sales specialists, whose responsibility is to cultivate relationships with our older leads from our lead bank of more than 200,000,” said Smith. 


The internal call center is supporting 27 communities and generated 290 visits and 39 move-ins so far.

“All of these initiatives are about winning the race to make a faster, deeper connection with our prospects to establish their trust and present our solutions,” he said. 

Written by John Yedinak

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