AARP Urges Congress to Make Long Term Care Decisions, Stresses In-Home Services

AARP issued a statement Friday stressing the need for lawmakers to focus on long term care regulations via the Commission on Long-Term Care, with a focus on care based in homes and communities as a cornerstone.

The commission held a hearing last week in preparation for a September deadline by which the commission is tasked with creating a report  with recommendations for the future of long term care in the U.S.

The commission has asked for an extension, although it has not yet been granted by Congress.


“The Commission has a little over a month to vote on recommendations and the three hearings to date highlight the importance of expanding consumer choice of quality care options, increasing access to home and community-based services that would allow more people to stay in their homes and communities, and bolstering support for family caregivers,” said AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond.

AARP urged swift movement by the commission, with pressing long term care challenges facing the nation in its current state.

AARP hopes the Commission will use the short time it has left to offer real guidance to Congress on addressing the many challenges surrounding long-term care,” LeaMond said. “This is an opportunity to jump-start a national conversation that brings individuals, families, policymakers, businesses and other LTSS stakeholders together to pursue real change.”


Written by Elizabeth Ecker