1. Thanks for sharing this assisted living resident feedback! Another way to assess assisted living satisfaction is online consumer reviews — from residents, their families, senior care experts, and prospective clients. Across the tens of thousands of assisted living reviews on (from all of these sources I've mentioned — and not including employees or paid representatives of the listed providers), 80% are positive, with a rating of four or five stars. These reviews give numerous specific examples of how the communities and their staff are meeting or exceeding service expectations, as do the Caring Champion stories about assisted living caregivers across the country:

  2. Nice article Elizabeth!

    The findings in this study align with the feedback we have received on from residents, their families and local experts. In addition, our proprietary rating system, which assigns a quality rating to indicate the overall quality of a senior living community based on feedback from local experts, state inspection data, and consumer reviews, shows that the majority of senior living communities are well operated. The vast majority of residents and their families are happy, and the SeniorHomes Rating shows that the majority of senior living communities are well operated, providing a safe, healthy environment for their residents.

    Digging into our reviews, ninety percent of the reviews of senior living communities that we receive are positive (with a 4 or 5 star overall rating.) Most of our consumer reviews are from residents and their families (as opposed to visitors). Our data shows that the quality of the staff is the factor that is most highly correlated with the overall score the community gets.

    Looking into the SeniorHomes Ratings, only 10% of the communities with a rating on have a rating below 5 on a scale of 1-10. We consider scores below 5 to indicate a community that consumers should avoid. Our ratings align well with the state inspection data—state inspection data shows that 83% of senior living communities in the states of Arizona, Oregon and Washington have 3 state inspection infractions or less, an acceptable infraction count.

    We know that there are a handful of bad operators out there, but our data aligns with yours to show that most communities are serving their residents well.

    You can learn more about the SeniorHomes Rating and our Top Rated communities here:

  3. I think the most important aspect is care, security, comfort and meaningful activities that the residents of the facilities receive from the staff that's why the result is positive. It's always something to be considered when choosing an assisted living community for your loved one. They feel satisfied, safe and personally independent in their communities, reporting high marks for those who work in the communities as well.

  4. At National Research Corporation, we collect resident, family and employee satisfaction metrics throughout the healthcare continuum. In assisted living communities over the past 18 months we have collected surveys from over 53,000 residents living in an assisted living community and the results are similar to the findings mentioned in the above article with 91% rating their overall satisfaction of their assisted living community as "excellent" or "good".

  5. This is great information to hear and very reassuring for families. The findings are also in line with the reviews of senior care communities we see on
    Less than 5% have an average rating below 3, and 72% score 4 or 5. It is wonderful to see the stories of security, joy, and relief residents and their families share in their reviews of assisted living and other types of care communities. The feedback provided through online reviews is one of the many helpful tools available to families as they begin their search for senior care, and we encourage families and community owners to leverage our reviews as a way to facilitate discussion and improvement in their communities.