New Survey Reveals Inside Look into Assisted Living

Residents of assisted living communities across the nation are largely very happy with the services the receive and the quality of life they achieve by living within those community settings, according to a new report.

This is the finding of an independent survey commissioned this month by the Assisted Living Federation of America and conducted by two independent third-party pollsters.

More than 90% of 500 residents surveyed reported they feel satisfied, safe and personally independent in their communities, reporting high marks for those who work in the communities as well.


“What really matters to us is what our residents think, so we went out and asked them,” says ALFA President and CEO Richard Grimes. “And what we found confirmed what we already knew: Assisted living is absolutely the best, safest and most satisfying senior living option for seniors who cherish their independence but just need some extra help.”

Among the survey results, 94% of assisted living residents say they are satisfied with their overall quality of life in their assisted living community, while 91% say they are safer living in an assisted living community than they would be on their own.

Recent findings have indicated residents care more about staff than any other aspect of senior living. The vast majority of residents surveyed reported they are confident in the abilities and caring nature of those working in their communities.


According to the responses, 87% of the residents say the workers in their community are well trained and well qualified to do their jobs, while 86% of the residents say the workers in their communities “care about me as a person.”

The findings counter those of a forthcoming report from PBS Frontline titled “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” slated to air on July 30; which has been previewed to raise questions about the safety of assisted living communities.

“The true story of assisted living won’t be found in sensational news reports,” Grimes says. “It’s found in the everyday stories of our residents, and the safe, happy and active lives they lead every single day.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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