Sponsored: Reducing the Cost of Falls, A Multi-Billion Dollar Solution

Falls cost Americans tens of billions of dollars annually, with one in three adults aged 65 and over experiencing a fall each year.

Recent research shows there are many reasons why some are more prone to falling than others—information that can be used in implementing fall-prevention plans among those who care for older Americans.

The first in a series of webinars presented by Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging is geared specifically toward what makes people prone to falling with an introduction to the SAFE-TI: Falls Reduction Program.


SAFE-TI, Specific Assessment of Falls and Effective Therapeutic Interventions, focuses in particular on providing senior living, long-term care and home care providers essential knowledge and tools so they can effectively prevent falls. The program covers resident and family education as well as risk reduction plans. 

From factors that increase older adults’ risks such as age-related changes in structure and function, disease process and medications, the first in the webinar series covers what senior care professionals need to know about preventing painful and costly falls.

Bonus: Continuing education credits are available with the webinar series. Each webinar earns one CEU, so attendees of this webinar will earn one for free! 


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