Del Webb Introduces Solar Powered Homes in Fla. Community

Del Webb, a division of PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE:PHM) recently announced an agreement with clean energy provider SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) to install solar systems in homes in two Del Webb communities for a limited time. 

Homes in Del Webb Orlando and Del Webb Stone Creek, both Florida active adult communities, will include a pre-installed 2 kilowatt solar system that will save homebuyers more than $300 a year on their electricity bill. 

Del Webb’s agreement with SolarCity allows homebuyers to pay less for clean electricity generated by their home’s solar system compared to current utility rates. However, it’s a limited offer: The 2 kW solar system will be included as a temporary incentive with an option for the homebuyer to upgrade to an 8 kW system, depending on the design and style of the home.


Each homeowners’ savings will vary based on their level of electricity use and the size of their home’s solar system.

“Boomers are more environmentally conscious than previous generations. As more boomers start to retire, they are choosing Del Webb homes which are packed with energy efficiency features and now a solar system that will save them hundreds of dollars on their utility bills for years,” said Sean Strickler, vice president of Sales, North Florida Del Webb. “We partnered with SolarCity because they handle the whole process of adding solar to a new home which gives our homebuyers the chance to save money and benefit from their new solar powered homes with peace of mind.”

SolarCity custom designs and installs each solar system at Del Webb communities before homebuyers move into their new homes and then provides customer service, monitoring, and maintenance for necessary repairs for the lifetime of the contract. 


A PulteGroup spokesperson declined to comment further on the cost of installing the solar systems to the company or for how long the temporary installation will be.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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