1. Really? These huge institutional-type projects astound me. What ever happened to creating the home-like environments that people prefer and that experts are touting? I know I won't ever live in these institutional environments of various stories, elevators, long hallways, cafeterias, etc. Ridiculous. No one wants to feel like a number without a name.

  2. I agree,If I won the lottery I would build senior communities that look like a home,who wants to live in a 3-4 story building, what happens when the power goes out the elevator stops working then you have to wait and wait and wait until you can get back into your apt. These developers need to build gated communities with security at the gate and with buildings that look like little homes with a porch in front and a small patio backyard and an attached garage and all electric with w/d connections or provide w/d 1-2 bedrooms living dining kitchen 2 1/2 baths and an actual laundry room and walk in closets,if there are any developers out there reading this I have the idea to design feel free to write me. I live in Houston Texas. Thank you.

  3. I agree Annette, people need to feel like they have a home, not a box in big complex, but of course there are advantages to the caretakers that may live onsite. I have found a website of a company called J L Gray and they have some nicer home looking senior apartments. These apartments are also in little villages so you get the community aspect as well. Here is a link to the senior apartments on their website.
    Especially check our the Cheyenne Senior apartments, they are home like duplexes that are really nice looking.