Is Mixed-Use, Multi-Gen Housing the Future of Senior Living?

Intergenerational housing will be driving the trend toward retirees opting to move into low-maintenance multifamily housing, writes Multihousing News. Apartments—in particular those located in densely-populated urban areas—will be a major draw for active empty nesters, in addition to the 20-somethings they typically attract. 

“We are effectively looking at multifamily mixed-use intergenerational housing as the future of the industry,” Mel Gamzon, president of Senior Housing Global Advisors Inc., tells Multi-housing News. “There are huge opportunities in intergenerational housing models.”

While home builders and real estate professionals have noted a trend in this direction, there are specific home features that will appeal to the aging population as part of this intergenerational trend. 


“Fitness, wellness and preventative health maintenance” are key terms, Gamzon says. “We are talking about taking conventional apartments and communities that are recreationally oriented and integrating them with more wellness, fitness and preventative health-maintenance oriented facilities.”

This might mean amenities and services such as yoga classes, fitness centers and spas, Multifamily News writes—specifically those that are geared traditionally toward a younger audience. 

Capturing the audience may mean designing for children of boomers with an eye toward boomers themselves, including spaces for socializing and common areas, pools, fitness centers and coffee bars. 


“Seniors of today, especially the Boomers, do not want to be isolated,” Gamzon says. “They are mainstream.”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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