1. Having a sales focus is not new, when I ran the Sales & Marketing at Holiday from 1998 to 2004, we did have to struggle with the use of a paper based CRM, but we did have a proactive Sales philosophy that produced an industry leading occupany rate of nearly 94%, which included the addition of 100 new construction projects during that time. Our systems were authentic, not scripted and robotic like some "experts" currently push.

  2. While scripts are uncomfortable, it is proven that sales systems get results. In 2004 sales systems were not as important. They are today. In this environment one has to work for every sale obtained, there are no more easy sales. Ten years ago if you had great service you could move in a resident. Today you must know how to find needs, build value, and move families forward in the decision making process. This is what leads to sales and in turn occupancy and revenue.