CMS Five-Star Ratings Show Improvement in Skilled Nursing Communities

The quality of care delivered by nursing homes is on the rise, according to Five-Star Quality Ratings released recently by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 

Representing an overall trend toward improved ratings, 41% of skilled nursing facilities charted by CMS improved their ratings with 27% seeing ratings fall. 

Nationwide, 15% of nursing homes received an overall five-star rating, and an additional 27% received four stars, while 16% received a one-star rating, and 41% received two or three stars, according to CMS. 


“The analyses presented… provide some evidence of improvement in nursing facility performance since the implementation of the Five-Star Quality Rating System,” the report states. “Specifically, the analyses show that, since the implementation of the Five-Star Quality Rating System, there have been improvements in the health inspection, quality measure, and staffing domains…”

Those with four- or five-star ratings rose from 35% of the population overall to 43%. 

The ratings are based upon health inspections, staffing and quality measures with staffing scores remaining the most consistent among the indicators. 


CMS implemented the ratings system in December 2008. 

View the report.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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