OnShift Rolls Out New Software for Senior Housing and Obamacare Rules

Senior living software provider OnShift today unveiled a new release that aims to help providers manage their compliance with the Affordable Care Act. By tracking and managing employees based on part-time or full-time status, the software assists users in complying with policies under the new health care law. 

Because employers may be mandated under the ACA to provide health insurance to employees according to the number of employees and number of hours worked, there is increasing attention in the market to full-time versus part-time status as well as the number of hours employees contribute. 

The features of the new OnShift release span prediction, tracking and alert of schedulers to potential part-time worker overages, reporting of part-time work-hour thresholds, and real-time perspective into both part-time and full-time scheduling. 


“Giving schedulers easy-to-use tools to help manage part-time employee hours at the point of assigning shifts will be tremendously helpful,” said Jennifer Currie, vice president of benefits, Senior Living Communities for OnShift. “The new features in OnShift will enhance the controls and audit processes we already have in place to align our employees with our part-time and full-time goals. We will be able to easily look ahead with OnShift and tweak thresholds and hours so we can stay on track with our ACA policies.”

The employer mandate is slated to go into effect in 2014 with 60% of employers expecting some increase in cost due to key provisions of the law, according to Mercer.

Providers preparing to comply with the law and its potential impact on costs associated with health insurance. 


“Schedulers know in their heads who’s part-time, but extra hours can easily slip through the cracks. The ramifications are higher with the Affordable Care Act, and a manual, spreadsheet or paper-based approach just won’t cut it,” said OnShift CEO Mark Woodka, CEO. “OnShift’s new features will help providers meet their workforce standards while driving efficiencies and managing costs so they can stay focused on their number one objective – delivering quality care to patients and residents.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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