1. Yikes! There's much to love about this idea – I'm all for sharing housing. 60 people "governming [sic] and creating and managing the culture themselves." ? I hope that the developer has in the budget working with a a professional to help the community get themselves set up and parts in place. I know how hard it can be in co-housing communities that carefully screen people before they move in. What happens when the 60 are simply there because they can pay for it? I see potential for big problems unless there is careful planning and consideration given as to how the community is started.

  2. More and more, there is a growing awareness of cohousing as an alternative housing model for healthy, sustainable senior living, and the benefits of being part of one. Without friends or immediate family close by more and more seniors are seeing the advantages that cohousing has to offer for them. And who wouldn’t. Cohousing can help address the dramatic demographic and economic changes coming in our society, and sure brings about lots of exciting things to look forward to!

    With the ‘boomers’ generation approaching retirement age there is a higher demand for affordable senior housing options that support a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way. Successful and dignified aging for most seniors means maintaining control over their own lives. Senior cohousing takes the concepts of cohousing and modifies them according to the specific needs of seniors.

    To find out more about senior cohousing:

    Here's to living in community, Thanks!

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