Assisted Living Gains Workers Amid Nursing Home Job Loss

Nursing homes are losing employees while residential care facilities and the home health industry are gaining them, suggests the May jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Thousands of healthcare workers joined the home healthcare sector in May 2013, in contrast to the hospital and nursing home sectors which saw thousands of jobs depart. 

Overall healthcare employment increased by 11,000 jobs in May 2013 including the 6,900 added to the home health care sector, according to the BLS.


The nursing and residential care facilities sector together gained 1,300 jobs between April and May 2013 despite a loss of 2,700 jobs when looking just at nursing care facilities during that same time period.

This suggests the growth in the combined sector (which includes additional related jobs) comes more from residential care than from nursing homes. 

The combined number of employees in nursing and residential care facility sector edged upwards from 3.19 million last May to 3.21 million one year later.


Home healthcare has seen even larger growth, as employees in this sector grew almost 7% from around 1.19 million in May 2012 to 1.27 million by May 2013.

Despite the substantial number of jobs added to the health care industry in May, it’s actually a sharp decline from the prior year, when job growth averaged 24,000 a month, the report noted. 

Check out the May jobs report.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace