USA Today: The 5 Best Little-Known Retirement Locations

Bucking many recent “Best Places to Retire” lists, USA Today aimed to take a new approach in its “5 Great (Unknown) Places to Retire,” published today. 

From Florida to Missouri, USA Today chose five cities based on their criteria, finding many were largely undiscovered by retirees. 

“We wanted to try something different. We have a list of great places to retire that many of you may not have thought about, all great communities, but not on the radar of the masses,” the publication writes. 


Topping the list: Hendersonville, North Carolina for its culture, walkability, an national forest, along with its proximity to larger cities like Atlanta and Greensboro. 

Also in the top five selections were St. Augustine, Florida, for the lack of income tax, weather benefits, and historic downtown; King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; College Station, Texas; and Branson, Missouri. The cities’ central locations but small sizes made them appealing, and they each come with attractions and entertainment that can be easily accessed. 

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker