1. Marketing and sales is a corporate function. Many Operators in the mid-market or single facility Operators look at marketing and lead conversion as the responsibility of the Administrator or "marketing" person at the individual site level where the individual is responsible for creating & managing their own marketing program and lead management system.
    This leads to variability in the success of marketing (lead generation) and sales (lead conversion).
    I advised one not-for-profit Operator with two successful CCRC's that even with 2 sites, the marketing program should be driven from the top with input from the people making face-to-face contact with prospective residents & their families. At that time, the "marketing person" was keeping track of this in her Outlook email and the corporate office didn't have readily available access to it because Outlook is a desktop software.
    The one step I recommended was to have some sort of marketing database (such as Act! or where every prospective resident's contact information is kept and interactions with prospective residents and their families could be planned and reviewed.
    In today's competitive environment in seniors housing, those organizations who are best organized to convert prospective residents into move-in residents, are the ones who will incrementally see improvements in occupancy and those incremental improvements will start to add up.
    Those who keep marketing and lead conversion in a "marketing" silo at the individual site Administrator level, are taking the risk of losing to organizations who have a more organized and monitored lead conversion model.
    Chris Foley
    CPA (Retired)
    Equity National Seniors Housing Brokerage & Advisors