1. So happy to hear there's an understanding of the wide variety of desires and needs in housing. Averages hide distinctive realities. In the 90s, manufacturers began to explore the market value of "mass customization" – producing the same thing with customer-driven variations, efficiently. Sounds like we are preparing for mass customization on a wider scale with senior housing. Given how much "home" means to each of us as unique individuals, and the ways people find to express themselves through their homes, this is long overdue.

    Rachel Adelson, author, Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style

  2. I agree with this whole article, but the most poignant point is: “You’re going to be able to do a project that may be for 80 people, that will be unique [to their interests]. It’s not like you need to get everybody in the world into your community.” Each successful housing subdivision is targeted at a very specific audience. Just because we become a 'senior' doesn't mean that we don't still relish in our differences and uniqueness. Let us live with those fun differences till our dying day. Also as much as possible, let the 'go goes' enjoy each other somewhat separate from the 'slow goes' and the 'no goes'.

  3. I agree with most of this article. I would suggest that not only niche marketing is emerging, but so is the idea a new parading and business model must emerge as well. if you think for a moment that the Baby Boomers are going to roll over and give you a partially refundable entrance fee, you might as well be the captain of the Titanic. Tim Carmichael, MBA, MS, CASP

  4. Future communities planned or developed under the large entrance fee concept, with varying refund policies, are in for a rude awakening when they attempt to sell to today's retiree. Today's retiree, much like their predecessors, except that todays retiree has many more choices, wish to remain in their existing homes until they are forced to move and then the vast majority will choose, or their families will assist them to choose, quality rental communities with health service and support packages or assisted living communities—–not large entrance fee communities.