1. The fact that I have aging parents makes this article very real and very scary to me. My mother and I both work in long term care and we know how expensive it can be. I plan on speaking with my mother this week! Thank you for this informative article.

  2. The series of SCAN Foundation papers released March 20 is available at the SCAN Foundation web site. I urge anyone interested in Long Term Care, whether at the policy or personal level, to 1) access and download the papers 2) support political and policy reforms at all levels of government. Stay informed and get involved.

  3. Most people prefer to stay at home with help, if they can. This is much less expensive and if they would talk to an LTC insurance specialist like me they would see this can be very affordable and a way to leverage their dollars in the event they need care for an extended period.
    What we don't need is another gov't program. If the 'so-called' reforms to medicare and medicaid had true ''means testing'" elegibility we would be starting in the correct direction. The real problem is people not taking responsibility for themselves and feeling the gov't programs will take care of them. They aren't making use of options already available. Perhaps instead of advertising for food stamp recipients we should be advertising for LTC affordabile coverages.