1. As long as the 3 Laws of Robotics are in place (for the Isaac Asimov fans).
    (Financially speaking, robotics would increase the initial capital costs to provide the robots + operational costs for modifications, repairs & upgrades — But, if robotics in senior care goes the way of automated car production plants, it may end up being the low overall cost alternative along with higher paid / higher skilled workers to maintain the robots and provide services that robots cannot provide)
    Chris Foley
    CPA (Retired)
    Equity National Seniors Housing Brokerage & Advisors

  2. There is so much scope for technology to help people as they get older.

    Really excited to be alive in a time where these gadgets are no longer just science fiction.

  3. My comment isn't about Robotics per se but the new "Granny Pods" are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. They allow the Sr. to stay close to the relative care-giver while also allowing independence. They are also equipped with a lot of high-tech gismo's. My Daughter asked me to think about it…as she knows I don't want to give up my freedom.