1. The next great challenge will be for homeowners' associations, condo management, mobile/mfg home community management to broaden their range of services to residents. That range of services might include everything from health services to personal care, nutrition, transportation, and in-home support. Of course, there would be a price to be paid by residents, but it would be more efficient (thus overall less costly) than requiring each resident to figure out what services (public and private) exist in the outside world, and to arrange for those services. I dare say such creative service provision would qualify for partial government subsidies in the future, further reducing costs to residents AND giving sponsoring govt agencies (sucha as Area Agencies on Aging) better service delivery and more bang for the buck.

  2. Interesting read on the current retirement community trends. Thanks for sharing, I know many retired Canadians are in Florida who can relate to the real estate news.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's hard to sort out whether these types of properties are going to go anywhere in terms of price. Recent market gains have been virtually all investor driven but continued pressure from trending boomer purchases may keep condo prices more stable. Getting rid of the big yard and house is a definite plus for a lot of people who would rather enjoy retirement than clean house.

  4. I Do believe that real estate degrade is good for buyers, but I also believe that the overall market is dipping and it might not lead to a decrease in the count of overall buyers in the market.

  5. Buying a condo is a good idea as long as you make sure that they cannot raise your HOA fees by an undetermined amount of money year after year. HOA fees can make condos a little risky.

  6. I know many retired Canadians are in Florida who can relate to this. I would be happy to pay $26,900 for a two-bedroom condo. You can't even come close to that price where i live.