1. How many seniors and caregivers are staying up at night trying to figure out how to cover Elmcroft's fees? This is part of the price of doing business. How about pushing back at the insurance industry and health care providers instead of railing against "Obamacare"? An added $1.2 million for a business with an (estimated) $150 million annual payroll is not enough to warrant a whole lot of sleepless nights. Elmcroft can easily cover this pawltry increase by holding down raises and modestly increasing monthly fees for service. And why does the company require an added $3.6 million in revenues to cover the $1.2 million in increased insurance costs? Is this article intended to elicit elephant tears from Senior Housing News readers? Boo hoo!

  2. Perhaps those who are complaining should examine who they voted for and who they supported with campaign donations.