1. It's been attributed to Arthur Schlesinger (writer and political assistant to President Kennedy) that "The problems of today are caused by the solutions of yesterday" and the policy adopted by independent living facilities are the result of solving yesterday's (and today's) problems. _Maybe the policy was addressing problems such as other residents being injured while attempting to aid someone, or a resident in distress who is instead injured by attempted assistance. _Beyond the headlines, the real issue isn't to have a specific government regulation so that "this (insert problem) never happens again," but rather a more full picture of how people and companies can best address complicated life and care issues. _Chris Foley_Sr. V. P._Equity National Seniors Housing Brokerage & Advisors_

  2. Jeffrey Toomer should make it abundantly clear to prospective residents and their caregivers that staff will not employ even basic CPR in the event of an emergency, for fear of liability considerations. Good God, you don't have to be a licensed medical provider to use your sense of humanity and 2 hours of Red Cross CPR training to save a life. These people have no business being in this business. Protocol, my a**.

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