1. For family-owned seniors housing properties, the REIT's offer an attractive price if the Owners want to continue to manage the Property through a sale-leaseback transaction. The thing to look out for in a sale-leaseback is if the Owner might want to get out of the business before the lease term expires (usually minimum of 10 years) because, depending on the price of the lease, it might be difficult to find another Operator who would assume the lease.

    Tips: a) don't enter into a long term lease if there's close to a 50/50 chance you might want to get out of the business during the term of the lease, b) put your options on paper considering your personal, family and lifetime goals & financial costs/benefits associated with each, c) imagine your life with the long term lease obligation and without it, d) and with your trusted advisors, work through which option would be best for you.
    Chris Foley
    Sr. V.P.
    Equity National Seniors Housing Brokerage & Advisors

  2. With the lack of new senior product being built over the last 4 years of our recession, and 10,000 people turning 65 years of age daily, it's not surprising that the senior housing units are, and will continue to escalting in sales prices. Why is there still a limited supply of new senior construction starts on the boards. Intererst rates have never been lower and there is plenty of caplital around to invest in an industry with 20+ years of solid growth potential in the front of us..

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