1. Nicely balanced article. Great attention to detail related to the complicated billing process. Thank you for the full story including past audit histories (great investigative reporting). It seems like a lot of general reporting just has enough facts to support the headline. This is a truly balanced report from SHN with positives, negatives, prior history and current news.

    Many reporters would not have included: “Prior detailed audits by CMS proved that only 2 out of 54 procedures/services studied were coded higher than the documentation supported and only 1 was thought to be for more services than necessary, while 14 were actually under-coded,” says a statement from Ralabte’s office. “Even though he provided more services than his peers, 98.2 percent of the services studied extensively were found to be medically necessary. This prior audit actually resulted in increased payments to Dr. Ralabate.”

    Chris Foley
    Sr. V. P.
    Equity National Seniors Housing Brokerage & Advisors