1. It's great to see even more options for senior living especially those meeting the needs of seniors with volunteers and minimal costs.
    As is pointed out above, the aging in place model for the 65+ seniors is different than older seniors. The need for assisted living services really kicks in for ages 75+.
    My company is often approached to analyze property sites to build new assisted living and nursing homes and we use an initial "Phase 0" marketing study to determine demand. In the initial demand analysis, the age group of 65-74 is minimized and the percentage of assisted living demand is more than doubled from age 75 to age 85.
    So, for new villages, the significant need for assisted living services will most likely kick in around 2033. Villages built 10-20 years ago (depending on the size of the community) are the ones that might support a new assisted living or nursing care center.
    Chris Foley
    Sr. V. P.
    Equity Seniors Housing Advisors

  2. Agree with Chris. Villages is a great option but Seniors who need help with activities of daily living which usually fall in the age group of 75 and above will need assisted living and nursing care centers at some point in time! Challenge will be when they age, how their healthcare needs would be supported.