1. Reviews are exceptionally important for consumers who are using these sites to search for care for their families. Sites like and those listed above have had reviews for a long time, but the major problem is getting both companies to accept the fact that negative reviews will happen and getting families to post a review post-facto of their family members moving into the communities.

    It's important to note that the posting of reviews for retirement communities are dramatically different than those for a restaurant or movie, whereas the latter are discreet events, having your mom or dad living in a senior community can be a long term and continuous event that will last many, many months and years.

  2. Great article! Its important for a community to take a proactive approach to reviews. Rather than sitting back and watching them come in, worrying if they are going to be good or not, you should adapt a strategy to actively ask for reviews. Especially with Google displaying the amount of reviews for local searches in the industry. How much more will you're community stand out when someone does a search for senior living in your area and see's your community with 20-30 positive reviews on the search results and the closest competitor having Just 2-3?

  3. has recently been launched with a mission to improve senior care in the USA with instant transparency via reviews. Exciting to see wonderful articles such as this one embracing our cause.