1. Since I bought mine and monitor my steps and my sleep, I've gotten rid of 35 lbs, and I do at least 10,000 steps a day (I did about 2,000 when I first bought it in 2011).

    I love to check on my activity and my sleep and feel quite proud as I get my steps. I get friends to go walking with me. I'm strong. My bone scans are excellent. My brain is sharp. JUst because I have this little gadget and I am mindful. And it's pretty nice to see more steps on my computer than my son gets! HAHA.

    Give me a break, the Fitbit is a SPORTS accessory. It doesn't have a telephone, sunscreen, or a bicycle. And it doesn't serve lunch.

    Get yourself your own dang telephone and emergency response system if you need it.

    FWIW, the website is great for tracking various other things. If you get a HRMonitor for your phone, (Withings makes a mediocre but effective one, and Health something makes a different one that looks promising) you can track on your Fitbit FREE account via a program called Syncmetrics. There's another iPhone/Pad product iBP which makes great graphs when you put in (or track via a webconnected BPmonitor)

    Forget the food tracking on FitBit. It's a PITA. Use for inputting your daily food and weight. It's much easier.

    I'm 70 and have many much older friends who are quite computer literate and have an easy time with this. Don't sell us short or say that, as older people we're too dumb to know computers. Who do you think invented them?????