1. Just when it feels like the senior care industry just can't get more efficient, here's an example of how management and the organization & use of information can transform the physical care of people. This kind of information infrastructure will especially enable CCRC's and multiple service level campuses compete both in attracting residents and in keeping costs in check.
    To compete, older facilities will probably need to evaluate physical plant and IT upgrades in the $1+ million range (which is usually a cross-roads decision point for Owners of stand-alone facilities)
    Chris Foley
    Sr. V P
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  2. Most Senior Living communities are very slow to react when it comes time to adhere to the demands of their residents; the same is true with technology. Because these usually come with high investment costs back into the facilities themselves, larger Senior Living Communities balk at the costs. When all that matters is shareholder returns, everything else suffers. Weather it be the quality of the food they serve of the use of technology to keep their residents safe, and in good health, nothing is going to change until some of these companies see a marketed decrease in empty units. This is going to happen, you can count on it.

    Eskaton should be applauded for their willingness to invest in these technologies. Be the first, not the last. Because of our fast aging Baby Boomer population and the demands they are going to be asking for, this is the future, and if you do not embrace the new technologies, you will go the way of the dinosaur. The new "Senior" coming into this market place is going to demand more and more services from these Senior Living Communities. If you are going to be reactive instead of proactive, then you deserve what you will get. Lower occupancy rates.

    Believe me, these new potential residents are a lot more educated today than they were a few years ago, they know about these new technologies, every year there are more and more tech savvy seniors and they are going to demand them. You snooze, you lose.