1. Excellent idea, if it goes far enough. I'd also like to see these websites address the "for profit, or not?" issue. It's well known that for-profit places exist to serve their shareholders, not their residents, in the long run, and will cut costs to the bone to add to their returns. I would want to be able to screen these places out.

  2. In research did in May-June 2012, half of family caregivers reported searching online for senior care service providers, and a combined 94% said online consumer reviews are trustworthy and helpful to their search for a senior care provider. Demonstrating the growing impact of this online word-of-mouth in the senior care industry, and to support families and seniors in their search for the best local care providers, last year we launched the Caring Stars program recognizing service excellence at assisted living communities across the country, based on consumer ratings and reviews. Tomorrow we'll announce this year's winners, to be featured here (and expanded this year to also include Alzheimer's care communities): The Caring Stars of 2013 (and 2012) are also made prominent in our assisted living and Alzheimer's care directories, covering the entire nation and including tens of thousands of reviews from family caregivers, senior residents and eldercare experts:… and

  3. Chris, there are alot of internet companies. There also are very personalized companies that meet with the family and the elder and not only have access to pricing but also know specials that are going on. Today I found a wonderful place for an 82 yr. old which is all inclusive for $2000 a month. Great facility too and I have toured all facilities in the area, 300 to be exact. I personally find out their cultural background, what there likes and dislikes are, whether they prefer a residential care, a independent facility with private care, a small assisted living, a high end facility. If they qualify for VA benefits which can mean around $2,000 for a couple, where they prefer to live, what their medical needs are, what the limit is on there finances to pay, and then personally arrange three to four tours that meet their needs. I make the arrangements for the tours, arrange a lunch so they see what the food is like and those staying at the facility, and ask questions they may not know to ask. There is no substitute for the one on one experience with someone that knows the ins and outs of the senior care communities.

  4. Hi Bruce, I guess that is the integrity of the company. But I would ask what is the difference with the internet companies? They are paid by the facility also and they may not even have toured the facility. With internet companies at least some once they get the name of the elder they fax it to all facilities in the area as they want to be the first to get the name in as they will get paid on the facility that is chosen. Internet companies are paid by the facilities.

  5. As someone who comes from the hospitality industry, I would strongly agree that there needs to be greater transparency on all accounts in the senior living/care industry.

  6. The problem with and other sites like this is that anyone can give a review – disgruntled employees, former employees, and another growing group who have figured out the "review" system, PAID reviewers. Not saying that's the case but it's happening. Not all reviews are given by family members or residents themselves and thus may be misleading to those seeking placement..

  7. I guess it's only fair that there be an online product catalog for seniors as well. Even they have their needs and many are still strong and healthy enough to do a bit of online shopping.

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