1. Wow this is a great article George. I think these are some spot on predictions and communities need to adapt in this rapture changing world. Definitely bookmarking this article

  2. The #1 Trend – It’s the End of Skilled Nursing as We Know It…… George, you're right to be talking about functional obsolescence…

    Single facility operators and small family-owned nursing home operators are used to changing with the times and now the structural changes from baby-boom family members (aka, decision makers) will necessitate property improvements (sometimes in the $1+ million range). Now is a good time for Owners to evaluate their business options.
    Chris Foley
    Sr. VP
    Equity Seniors Housing Advisors

  3. while you are all busy slapping one another on the back I'm going to give you my perspective! What is being talked about here is a fundamentally impossible situation. It will continue to get worse as the divide deepens between the wealthy and those who did not learn how to achieve wealth.
    A major part of the issue is no longer even being discussed and that is the need for people to begin early on to plan for their own needs in old age vs. looking to someone else to pay. The other 1/3 of the problem is the prediction of 2 decades back that pharmaceutical and other medical costs were spiraling out of control and would become a huge problem in time. We are there now. It is no longer possible for the middle class to afford their own medical care. It's barely a topic of conversation now as everyone is looking for the other guy to pay. Doctors order unnecessary tests and supplies and patients want everything they can get. Mindset has changed, top to bottom, which makes straightening out the mess pretty difficult.
    Dorothy Browning, Equity Analyst
    Browning and Browning

  4. I guess less regulation is the solution along with forcing providers to lower pricing!

    What exactly does it mean for us that 44 percent of future retirees won't have adequate retirement income? What isn't considered adequate, will they all need a ton of government assistance?

  5. As a provider in the industry, I must say that the American lifestyle, as it is today, is absolutely unsustainable, particularly for the aging population. The demise of the SNF as we know it is absolutely on target. The best solution to the problem is Long Term Care Insurance, a private solution, not a government solution. People must understand that the resources will become limited as needs increase and the ability to tax diminishes. There may be years of waiting, as there is in public housing or organ transplants. All of this can be mitigated by a basic understanding of the simple economics of LTCI, $2,000/yr for insurance vs. $5,000-$20,000/mo for long term care services.

  6. There are some really great alternatives to the "Granny Pod" on the market. All of the biggest builders in the country now offer multigenerational floor plans that are meant to accommodate people of all ages. In some respects, it is now up to cities and towns to change their zoning laws in order to allow this type of housing and make sure that more seniors are able to age in place and be surrounded by their family members.

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