1. I had 47 years to work and save for my retirement just like everybody else. I am a senior now. Nobody is paying my rent or any other bills. My mother is 89 and nobody is paying for her bills because she worked and planned for her retirement. We worked in factories and stores, we are not big shot high earners. Why should I pay the bills for other seniors or anybody else? Those seniors had 47 years to get ready for their retirement and now they are burdens on society and I have to pay their bills? Paying for every stupid or irresponsible decision that other people make is my reward for a lifetime of hard work, saving and responsibility? What part of that is fair?

  2. At roughly $100,000 per unit, the $3 million National Church Residences (NCR) renovation seems to be very much in line with other renovation projects. Given land available and with the improvements made in the common areas (dining, professional kitchen and community center), additional units may be added at reasonable costs that makes the common areas more affordable by spreading the cost of the common areas over more / future units.

    Definately a process for operators and developers to consider.

  3. You'll be a happier person if you concentrate on the fact that your taxes also supported our Military and maintained your roads and highways. I doubt it was more than pennies of your tax money that supported HUD programs. Relax.