Developer Targeting Multi-Gen Families With Second-Residence Suites

Multigenerational housing looks to be a rising trend developers are noticing in recent years as the cost of health care rises and the the housing market edges its way toward a full recovery. One Miami-based developer has acted on a growing consumer demand with new residences that keep families under one roof, reports an article from North Carolina’s Cary News. 

Referred to as “Next Gen” housing by developer Lennar Corporation, the homes have two doors leading to separate dwellings all under the same roof. 

One door leads to the main home, where a family might stay, whereas the other door opens up to a 500-square-foot suite, which has all the amenities of a second residence, according to the Cary News. 


The company has found that these particular models have become increasingly popular with families taking in aging parents, since “triangle” homebuilding unites families and keeps them close while still providing privacy and personal space.

Consider the millions of Americans aging and entering retirement every year, throw in the rising costs of health care and the demand for triangular housing has only risen, believes Lennar. 

Even though these Next Gen homes offer more space than traditional single-family residences, Lennar has found that smaller is better after realizing that models with two master suites narrowed its buying pool. 


As a result, the company has begun focusing on utilizing space within the units for a number of things such as a nursery, an extra bedroom or a home office.

Lennar’s Next Gen model in the Bella Casa community in N.C. contains 3,700-square-feet with common areas in the main house that can accommodate extra people, reports Cary News. 

After experiencing success in states like Arizona, California and Texas, Lennar has expanded its Next Gen homes to various places throughout North Carolina such as Apex and Clayton. 

Read the full article from Cary News here.

Written by Jason Oliva