Forbes: Reconnecting Senior Living Community Islands With the World

Emerging trends within the senior housing industry have led many developers to stray away from seclusive locations, focusing instead on incorporating senior living facilities into residential neighborhoods, according to an article from Forbes

St. John’s Living Community in Rochester, N.Y., is one example of a senior living provider who, if successful, will “blur the line between institutional living and community living,” says the article, by incorporating senior living into residential communities and opening up to the surrounding neighborhood. 

One of the two St. John’s properties is an independent living community called Brickstone. Currently under construction, the facility will include 102 townhouses, apartments and bungalows. What is interesting about its location, Forbes notes, is its location only a short distance from another St. John’s facility called the Meadows, which provides both independent and assisted living. 


To further incorporate community elements into the senior living facility, the Meadows invited local colleges to teach undergraduate courses at the facility. Additionally, shops and restaurants at Brickstone will be open to the entire community—not just its residents. 

St. John’s other project includes two “Green House” nursing facilities located in the middle of a suburban development called Arbor Ridge in Penfield, N.Y. The Green House model of “neighborhood”-style care with smaller residences for 8-10 individuals has replaced, for some skilled nursing providers, the model of large institutional nursing facilities.

“From the outside, the facilities look much like the ranch houses that share the development. The goal: To integrate the nursing homes—and their residents—as much as possible into the community,” writes Forbes. 


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Written by Jason Oliva