1. Alyssa, Good post. We have been also noticing an increase in people looking not only for companionship, but also to save money. Some clients, like <a href=",” target=”_blank”>, are supporting this interest by not charinging a second person fee. While they do not offer a matching service, we have seen and increase in interest from siblings, parent/child and friends.

  2. Hi Alyssa,

    Your post came up on my alerts as I follow the cohousing movement very closely. I thought I'd share with you the difference between "cohousing" which is a model for creating a neighbourhood, and homeshare. While homeshare involves people living in one home, cohousing is a movement where people come together and participate in the design process of the neighbourhood before it is built. In cohousing everyone owns their own separate home which is supplemented with common spaces like a hall, (common house), workshop, play areas (when intergenerational) etc…

    I live in a cohousing community, and within this larger structure we have a homeshare which is run as a co-op. Both are wonderful ways to save money, have some company through life, and live richly on less. A good link about the cohousing neighbourhoods is Over 150 built and double that looking for members I highly recommend the lifestyle to anyone looking for more for less.

  3. The language can get really complicated.

    A new form of shared household, which is currently being defined by several people, including myself, is "Cohouseholding"

    Cohousing consists of multiple households, which have various defining characteristics – and is a form of intentional community.

    Cohouseholding consists of a single household, which has various defining characteristics – and is a form of intentional community.

    P.S. I'm the former Executive Director of the Cohousing Association.

  4. As the home sharing /cohousing conversation bounces around, our organization, Elder-Friendly Communities, has just finished the new construction of home for 4 independent older adults (60 and older) The residents will be automatically receive the benefits of our aging in place program . The home is in an established, tree lined neighborhood a few blocks from our offices. Partners in this initiative are the Community Development Corporation, CICOA,the area agency on aging and AARP, Indiana. Stand by for updates

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