Post-Holiday Consumer Interest Trends Increase Senior Living Growth Opportunities

The season for senior care inquiries does not arrive before the holiday but rather after it, indicates a graph compiling data from, and senior living providers need to make sure they’re ready for an upcoming influx in business. 

The winter months may be partially to blame, but data collected from 2009 through 2011 shows an increasing number of family and web inquiries arise immediately following Christmas. When children visit their aging parents for the holidays, they may notice a decline in functionality, which sends them looking for senior care options, notes A similar trend has been noticed by senior relocation services, which typically surge during holiday seasons. 



Source:, 11/30/2012

Marked in red are the last two major holidays of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the graph shows, there is a large spike in inquiries immediately following Christmas on the 26th and 27th of December, only to continue surging into January.

The average weekly inquiry volume post-Christmas is 58% greater than the weeks leading up to the holiday, SeniorHomes reports. 


Taking advantage of these trends during the post-holiday season can provide growth opportunities for senior care communities heading into the new year, says the senior care referral service.


Written by Jason Oliva

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