1. Well that certainly is a one-sided and depressing perspective. Creating Results has been involved with Active Adult communities for almost two decades and we have seen some that have enriched lives and provided a strong sense of community while others have not. Gilman, only focused on the negative aspects and did not address a more appealing solution. Would the people have been better off aging in place? How could that not be more isolating?
    We don’t think that a community the size of Kings Point is ideal, but we have helped to plan and market many intergenerational communities that enrich lives and provide support and opportunities that people simply couldn’t get at home. “Active” isn’t just about physical activities. It’s about a belief that there is more to life than sitting at home. As one person in the trailer said, “It’s hard to make new friends at our age.” Yes it is, but it’s a lot easier if you are around like minded people who are looking to live a full and meaningful life. What does Gilman want to experience in her old age?