1. The ad was really a balsy move for Obama, it was really direct to the point. Since the debate, everything has been heated up and the contenders are really on it.

  2. You are treading on dangerous ground by reporting hearsay from political ads. Remember the $5 billion Obama said in the debate that the Republicans were going to take for something else. IT WAS NEVER SAID BY REPUBLICANS !! It was purely Democratic Party propaganda. Please stay on the facts and not report political hearsay. PLEASE !!

  3. If something is not done to Medicaid seniors will get nothing to pay for nursing homes. Right now a millionaire has ways to get on Medicaid, is that right when we are paying for it. An example is a person has $800 a month, the government gives them $50 a month for spending and guess who foots the rest of the $6000 charge per month? We do, they give the government $750 and we pay the other $5200. How do you like those beans taxpayers. It is disgusting. Something must be done now or those that really need medicaid won't get it.