Fox: Boomers Reinventing Senior Living; No Longer One-Size-Fits-All

The assisted living communities of today look vastly different from the stereotypical images many conjure up when thinking of where their grandparents lived out their final days.

More options have been developed to meet the changing demands and preferences of successive generations, and as the boomers storm into their golden years, that trend will continue.

Fox Business reports:


“The population is aging, and more consumers can demand more choices,” says Andrew Carle, founding director of the Senior Housing Administration program at George Mason University, which teaches students to manage senior living properties.

The senior housing industry is reinventing itself to meet the needs of the elderly with eco-friendly retirement communities, centers that emphasize lifelong learning, villages that enable retirees to age at home and more

Senior housing options are no longer one-size-fits-all.


Retirees who require help with daily activities can choose from a variety of settings that reflect their lifestyle choices and meet their physical needs. It’s likely the menu of options will continue to grow.

“Fifty years ago, people didn’t live as long and their families took care of them,” says Carle. “Now, seniors are living longer and looking for different housing options.”
Baby boomers have “exploded the portfolio of products at every stage of their lives,” says Carle, noting there was only one flavor of Coke when they were born.

As boomers reach retirement age, senior housing options are proving no different.

The article mentions some “niche senior housing” options, along with university-linked campuses, eco-friendly senior living communities, and aging-in-place models.

Read the full piece at Fox Business.

Written by Alyssa Gerace