Chart of the Day: What Housing Options are Seniors Choosing?

These days, seniors and their families have more variety and choice when it comes to housing and care, but many families still aren’t very knowledgeable about what’s available to them, revealed a survey by senior referral information service A Place for Mom.

While “nursing home” and “retirement facility” are the two most common search terms among people looking for senior living, according to a recent APFM analysis, only about 21% of families who search for nursing homes as a senior care option end up having their loved one move into one. Instead, the biggest percentage—34%—end up moving into assisted living, with another 17% entering a memory care community.



But just as it’s true that seniors and their families searching for “nursing homes” rarely end up choosing that option, less than half of users who searched for “assisted living” actually ended up in that type of community, says APFM.

Out of those searching for “assisted living,” 28% eventually chose a retirement community.

Ultimately, three in five people looking for nursing homes end up moving into active senior living communities, which APFM suggests indicates a widespread lack of knowledge as to the choices available.


Written by Alyssa Gerace

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