Preceptors Crucial During Senior Care Technology Implementation Process

Nurse preceptors can provide a strong transition between theory and practice when implementing new high-impact projects in the senior long-term care sector, says American HealthTech in a long-term care change management publication. 

The publication emphasizes the benefits of using preceptors to train other employees on new technology and offers a guide that helps in the selection of preceptors. 

One of the benefits American HealthTech highlights is a preceptor’s ability to provide person-to-person instruction through the implementation of new technology and concepts. This, according to American HealthTech, provides for smoother change management, which is not task oriented, but focuses on how individuals adapt through process of change. 


“Humans need to adapt to new processes and new technology without it affecting daily responsibilities of quality care,” cites the publication. Preceptors allow other employees to continue focusing on their main priority, patient care, while adapting to new technology under the preceptor’s supervision. 

Potential preceptors will be employees who are not only highly skilled in their area of work, but who also possess strong interpersonal skills, a willingness to take on the role, and the time to serve as a preceptor. 

HealthTech also suggests components of managing technological changes in a responsible and timely fashion. Creating a vision, setting goals, preparing for financial support and communicating clearly and often are crucial to fostering a balance between caring for patients and learning how to use new technology. 


Access the full publication here

Written by Erin Hegarty

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