[VIDEO] Is Ventas Looking to Become a Player in the CCRC or Distressed Property Fields?

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) specializing in the health care and senior housing sectors can yield a lot of buying power, but while some may be in the position to take advantage of their lower cost of capital to buy up distressed properties, most are very selective regarding the types of assets they want to add to their ever-growing portfolios.

At Senior Housing News’s Summit event held a few weeks ago in Chicago, Philip Kayden, an investment officer at Chicago-headquartered REIT Ventas Inc., weighed in on his company’s asset preferences and attitude toward so-called “turnaround opportunities,” along with what kind of involvement Ventas has—or is looking for—in the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) sector.

Watch the video to find out more:


Philip Kayden – Investment Officer, Ventas REIT from Senior Housing News on Vimeo.


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