N.Y. Nursing Home Shut Down by State Fights Back—And Wins $25 Million Settlement

The owners of the former Beechwood Restorative Care Center have been awarded a $25 million settlement from the state of New York on grounds that state Department of Health officials retaliated against the nursing home because of its owners’ frequent challenges to state regulations, reports the local ABC News affiliate.

Another article in the Democrat and Chronicle gave more background: Brook Chambery and his mother, Olive Chambery, used to own the now-closed Beechwood nursing home and alleged their facility had to shut down as a direct result of the state’s actions.

The two owners made “frequent challenges” to state regulations citing the nursing home for deficiencies in care, says the article. The nursing home ceased operation in 1999 after the state revoked its operating license, which the owners considered “an extreme act by the state and proof of its vendetta.”


The nursing home was valued at about $18 million, and the settlement also brought into consideration lost wages for both Brook Chambery and his mother, who was the facility’s administrator. 

For its part, the state contended the nursing home had not corrected some “serious problems” in patient care, but the Chamberys argued that Beechwood provided “much better care than other facilities.”

Read the Democrat and Chronicle piece.


Written by Alyssa Gerace