1. Hi,

    The term "acuity level" is used in the piece. Acuity is not synonymous with the term acute. Acuity means keeness in a sensory way like visual acuity…, not acute as in a stage of disease.

  2. It can be difficult to see past marketing terms like 'PowerBack' and jargon like 'we have capabilities that our peers don't have', but there is no ignoring capital investments like $30 million facilities. Bach speaks of 'what people want' as the driver of the market, and new models seem long overdue, but if CMS is the only 'payer' (its the only one Bach refers to) the reality is that the government will not, or cannot afford, to pay for what people want. New models need to address how average and high risk people in the general population can afford "higher-end rehabilitative care and the higher-end medical care". I'm not trying to be critical of what Genesis is doing, but I would like to hear more about how such enormous challenges can be faced.